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"Service" in regards to Global Transportation

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Begin with a Corporate Account Setup

There are various instances of interaction between firms and their transportation providers, especially during the reservation process. A properly executed account setup should be considered & discussed with an account representative to unlock the full potential of the B2B partnership. To each their own, creating a corporate account with your "limo-provider" establishes points of contact and sets fourth any custom travel policies along with discussing special requirements such as "Custom-Fields" to be noted within the reservation process (for example requiring an employee ID with every reservation and including that ID on trip receipts).

Another perk with establishing a corporate account is the invoicing & reporting metrics. Questions will be asked such as: where would you like all receipts to be sent? Would you like an itemized invoice? Would you like a online-login for the finance department to pull company usage, statuses & receipts in real-time? VIP's could & should be imported from the beginning of the partnership to make sure each are properly labeled; this will ensure the data is accurate from the gecko and will allow our team to identify the extra duty-of-care.

Corporate Accounts & Transportation Pricing

Usage reporting can be analyzed periodically to ensure that your transportation provider delivers the best city-to-city rates possible for your corporate travelers. Where are your offices and the home-town cities where your employees will be traveling to local airports? A corporate account will enable an organization like Gem Limousine to analyze frequently traveled flat rates with volume based discounts on chauffeured trips on a global scale. Gem Limousine is able to confirm that all corporate rates are honored because our online web booking portal can identify email domains when employees create new accounts and automatically file any new passenger profiles under the corporate account & rate tables. Attaching profiles to a company account allows our team to actively monitor usage and enables us to circle back around to the account contacts to discuss city-pairs with of cost saving opportunity.