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Booking Administration

  • Book, Edit & Cancel Rides as a Delegate

  • Edit & Store Traveler's Information for efficient bookings

  • Integrate with Corporate Pricing

  • Access Receipts from any location

  • Mobile App Integration

Booking Agent Profile

  • Custom settings

  • Multiple Agents for one passenger

  • Easy Expensing & Management Dashboard

  • Access our system and save time

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Booking Agents

Passenger Profiles

How Does It work?


  • Booking Agent Profiles enable online users to manage multiple passenger profiles.


  • Passengers still have the ability to log in online or via our mobile application while their "Booking Agents" or Admins can access the same portal and oversee the travelers they manage on a larger scale.


  • Enables passengers to log-in to our mobile application while their admin expenses and oversee's their bookings remotely.


  • App booking is convenient when travelers are on-the-go in various locations around the world and require corporate transportation services from Gem at their own booking convenience.


  • Multiple Agents with their own login credentials can manage the same passenger profiles to coordinate if bookings were created, edited or canceled. Convenient especially when passengers have multiple admins based on their current location or office.

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