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Connect to your existing profile or create a new account. Manage your transportation needs with certainty, security & professionalism. 

  • View & Manage Active & Historical Previous Reservations

  • Access Receipts from our database for expensing or reporting

  • Create new reservations from a variety of chauffeured vehicles

  • Edit reservations, and scheduled pickup times with flight tracking technology

Gem Limousine IOS Global Transportation Application
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Tracking, Accountability & Safety

As if the executive team is sitting in the front seat of every vehicle. Gem's commitment to the future of the chauffeured transportation industry requires constant investment in IT technology. Every Gem vehicle is monitored 24 hours a day by our experienced dispatch team. Our Vehicle Tracking solution offers both real-time & historical reporting of fleet location and vehicle speed. Our chauffeurs provide transportation excellence due to the innovative capabilities that exist when experience, teamwork and technology co-exist.

Chauffeured Transportation Safety System - VIdeo Monitoring on board
Safety Through Technology 

The idrive X1 is a professional dual camera device which captures high definition video, both of the front and interior of the vehicle. The device records when a triggered event occurs such as accidents & even aggressive driving behaviors like hard braking, hard acceleration, speeding, swirving and more. Each event captures video and audio data seconds before and after the moment an event occurs. 

gems fleet and incident management tools
Fleet & Incident Management Tools

The idrive Control Center software provides our fleet manager, executives, and administrators with a comprehensive set of tools to give us a perfect view inside our fleet when an event triggers the idrive unit. Aggressive braking, accelerating and swerving are events that could trigger an incident enabling a more proactive approach to client safety, chauffeur training and unwanted driving behaviors.

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