Doctor Speaking Events & Transportation

Road Shows & Pharmaceutical Transportation Specialist

Doctor Speaking Events - Pharmaceutical Transportation 

  • Doctor speaking programs are high-stress, long days of travel and preparation. Gem employees cater to the needs of pharmaceutical companies and the doctors that travel with us.  Whether the ride is booked by travel management or personally; we respect our travelers' needs for a smooth, quiet ride to their destination. 

  • Our clients range from a variety of different industries. We specialize in transporting major pharmaceutical & biotech employees - Our customer loyalty is outstanding enabling us to provide new prospects with reputable references.

  • Fortune 500 Transportation Provider: Many of our current clients have headquarters outside the United States and choose to use our services for a variety of reasons. We're able to accommodate extremely data secure FTP data transfers, provide proof of network security and mapping. 

70 Amboy Avenue,
Woodbridge, New Jersey
Toll Free:       800.223.1161
Local/ Int'l:    732.596.0900
Fax:               732.596.0800
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Limousine Association of New Jersey Transportation Service
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