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It all starts with the wedding shuttle to your ceremony

There is nothing like the moment you, your family and forever-friends hop into the vehicle and head in the "right direction" to the very moment you will never forget.


The long hours of planning & sacrifice for perfection shall sparkle in your memories. 

Wedding Transportation Services

Hotel Shuttle, Bridal Party, Bride & Father & Guests - Sedan, Vans & Buses

Bride & Father

Compile your thoughts and Ideas of how you your family, & guests will get to & from the ceremony , reception & hotel after hours


Weddings will always cater to the girls and its important to keep their gowns pressed and looking picture perfect! Settle their nerves with a bottle of champagne


Your guests have traveled quite a distance to be a part of your special day. Shuttles services from the nearby hotel are a must!


Traveling Nationally or Internationally on the Honey-moon of your dreams? We can get you there, our services are global!

Why Gem?

We understand the significance of your wedding day and the time and effort you have put forth in every precise detail. Transportation is extremely important, as it can be the very last bit of alone time spent with your father before he guides you down the alter.

Sara Nemeth

Wedding TransportationPlanner  /  Tel. 732-596-0900 EXT: 100

Thanks for your email, we will contact you at our earliest convenience.

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