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Transportation & Communication - A Game-Changer

Here at Gem Limousine, we always are at the forefront of the travel industry with regards to technology, safety & reliability. We know exactly how important communication is for clients who come in contact with the representatives at our office. For that reason, we feel its important to provide our clients with multiple communication avenues to choose from that best fits their needs. Gem's operation is staffed 24/7/365 with a knowledgable in-house team to assist with the needs of agents and travelers themselves. So why not leave it up to you to decide how you interact with our company?


Yes, our team is always a call away! We can be reached of course via telephone either toll free (1-800-223-1161) or locally by calling (732-596-0900). But what if a phone call is not an option?


You can email each department directly. There are a number of email addresses to select from.

  • Reservations@gemlimo.com: Placing reservation via email, this goes directly to our reservations staff and you will receive a response in less than 24 hours.

  • Events@gemlimo.com: For events, busses, and group movements, email our events department and get your inquiry to the right team.

  • Accounting@gemlimo.com: For all billing inquiries, inquire within our finance department.

  • Websupport@gemlimo.com: Have an inquiry with our web booking or app booking tools? Email an in-house specialist to assist you and answer all questions.

Text Messaging:

Gem's main number 732-596-0900 has been converted to a "text-able" number so that you can easily contact with someone within our office. Gem's back-office system automatically generates alerts when a chauffeur is "On Location for Pickup." If a passenger receives that text, and has any questions, don't hesitate to respond to our Operations Team. The Image below is an example of Gem Limousine's care alerts that our passengers will see when a chauffeur arrives on-location.

Website Live Chat:

When visiting the Gem Limousine Website (www.gemlimo.com) you will see a chat box on the bottom right. We have a live agent available 24/7 to assist will all inquiries via the Gem Website chat. The image below shows Gem Limousine's website chat box, and our representative Sara responding who heads our Groups & Events department.

Website Booking Portal:

Gem has invested in technology that allows our travelers to access their passenger profile and make bookings, edit and cancel reservations. Not only is this useful on a personal transportation management level; With help from a Gem representative, a custom portal configuration will provide the ability to manage multiple profiles and even entire offices or companies at large. This portal allows Gem to optimize your company-travel & usage by using email domains to generate new profiles and associate them with their respective company accounts. Take a look at our portal in the image below.

Mobile App Booking:

Gem's user-friendly mobile app is available for download within the Google Play and iOS app stores. This is exceptionally convenient for tracking your chauffeurs, booking, editing and cancelling reservations while on-the-go. Users can connect to corporate structured profiles and maintain all profile and payment information within a highly secure interface. Take a look at some screenshots of our mobile app below, if you need assistance with our website and app booking tools, contact websupport@gemlimo.com or appsupport@gemlimo.com.

Gem's executive management team is compelled to find easier ways to make communication work for you. We are always here to assist and support you anywhere your travels may take you. "Life is Short, Enjoy the Ride"

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