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Technology Overabundance & Contingency Plans


Gem Limousine Worldwide maintains the highest level corporate clientele in the transportation industry partly due to the surplus of redundant technologies. Thanks to a handful of our corporate clients and their vendor requirements, we are able to promote our corporate compliances of secure network security, tracking technologies, contingency plans and insurance liability coverage to ensure the integrity of your personal data, transportation reliability and excessive safety precautions. Through the years, Corporate America has transformed Gem Limousine by requiring a surplus of the latest technology in every department of Gem's organizational structure.

Gem Limousine Worldwide currently practices a bi-annual disaster recovery contingency plan; enabling off-site operations and preparing Gem employees for flawless transportation operations from an offsite, remote location. Gem Limousine is able to maintain our Service Level Agreements and ensure the integrity of our client’s data in the event of a natural disaster for example, Superstorm Sandy. Headquartered in New Jersey, Gem continued operations and was praised with excellence as we helped those who needed transportation assistance along the Jersey Shore in the state of emergency.

Additionally, Gem's vehicles are hard-wired with redundant GPS tracking technologies, of which are updated in real-time and supply our headquarters with locations, speeds, and ride-statuses of our clients, employees and assets all over the world. These redundant technologies help us inform all parties of positioning and manage cost-related inefficiencies. Ultimately the GPS tracking systems drive down the expenses associated with transportation logistics and these cost savings are passed to the Gem clients themselves. On-board status updates create better communication between Gem's headquarters, clients and 3rd party travel management personnel.

Voice Over IP phone systems provide redundant technologies in various ways as well. Gem employees are able to answer the phones and connect to