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Simplify Transportation Management for Multiple Travelers - Become a Booking Agent!

Corporate Transportation Booking Agent

Transportation management as a delegate of multiple travelers at once can be frustrating at times. Trust us, we know! Each traveler uses multiple credit card numbers, addresses, emails, phone numbers and you hope to use a transportation service that at least stores this information for future use.

Even better, at Gem Limousine Worldwide we offer a cutting edge "Booking Agent" portal to streamline transportation bookings and allows our clients to integrate directly into our back-office system! Say goodbye to emailing or calling our headquarters to book global chauffeured transportation, it's considerably inefficient.

Using one login on the Gem Limousine online web portal, your able to access our back office system and create, edit and cancel global transportation bookings for your travelers in real time. There are many other perks to Gavin access to our web portal as a Booking Agent. Now it allows you to clean up your travelers profile information like editing credit cards we have that are saved on file and even edit each of their addresses so you don't have to reinvent the wheel when corporate travelers are going from their home or the corporate office to the airport regularly!

Our web portal features are endless! Map based chauffeur tracking and historical ride tracking snapshots for understanding how you were charged for additional stops. To top it off, trip receipts are available in .pdf or HTML formatting at your convenience no more calling the headquarters to have a trip receipt emails to you, everything associated with you, your colleagues and Gem Limousine's global services are at your fingertips!

Once a Gem Representative creates your "Booking Agent" login access, your productivity when using our services will skyrocket! Gem Limousine Worldwide's investment in technology is one powerful reason our clients consider Gem a true partner for transportation globally. We link your login to our back office system and make sure your pre negotiated corporate flat-rate transfers are associated with all your future bookings.

Let's get the ball in motion with your new Booking Agent Login credentials! All you have to do is email

We want to save you time and promote efficient high-volume transportation bookings for multiple passengers at a time! You'll thank us in the end, "Life is Short, Enjoy the Ride."

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