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Corporate Connectivity: An Asset in Ground Transportation

Why is Corporate Connectivity and Technology Innovation an asset to your organization with Chauffeured Transportation


Fedex Building Corporate Transportation

Worldwide Minibus Services

Advantages of corporate connectivity with B2B travel is due to the advantages of automation efficiencies. Gem Limousine Worldwide specializes in providing chauffeured transportation to Fortune 500 corporate travelers all over the world. High-volume transportation is made extremely efficient through various booking technologies that are seamlessly integrated between the client and Gem Limousine Worldwide's back-office system.

Corporate Worldwide Booking

Gem Limousine Worldwide's Transportation Network Management is unparalleled to other providers, ensuring adequate pricing and premium service levels on a worldwide scale. Gem's back-office technology was built for business-travelers & travel-managers to ensure an affordable, safe, luxurious, reliable transfer anywhere on the globe. For high-volume travel, Gem's technology integration enables our clientele the ability for their transportation bookings to automatically populate directly into our transportation management software.

Corporate Shuttles & Transportation

With high-volume Transportation Management Connectivity Solutions, our client's pre-negotiated corporate routing prices are automatically loaded for our clients. This ensures all travelers that use Gem Limousine Worldwide are charged accurately anywhere in the world through the various booking tools that are available to travel-management today.

Gem Limousine supports booking through Concur and many other corporate travel management tools! In addition, on-the-go transportation bookings can be accommodated with Gem's smartphone application; featuring connectivity to the traveler's corporate account, and ensuring quality services and negotiated pricing are at our client's fingertips.

Chauffeur Transportation Mobile App Booking

Corporate connectivity saves time and money when partnered with the right transportation provider. Gem's in-house staff and Executive Chauffeurs are trained on a client-specific basis and will cater to any organizational needs that your company may require. High-volume corporate travel may require Multi-Level Reporting and/ or Service Level Agreements which are easily generated with our state-of-the-art back office system. Not only is Gem Limousine Worldwide a transportation provider, but a B2B partner with ground-breaking transportation automation.

Please visit our website, Email or call us today to learn more about streamlining your company's travel management processes!

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