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Gem Limousine Worldwide - Celebrating 40 Years in Business

Gem Limousine Worldwide hits a milestone; 40 years in business since 1976. Our Founder & Chairman Barbara Chirico whom is actively involved in the daily operations of Gem Limousine Worldwide has been through the technological shift in the industry. Barbara is considered a pioneer in the ground-transportation industry; serving as president of the National Limousine Association and President of the New Jersey Chapter of the National Business Travel Association. Barbara's efforts on behalf of the New Jersey ground transportation industry led to the ground breaking legislation called "Limousine Law", which increased insurance minimums and addressed various safety issues of the state. Gem was rated #1 by the international trade publication, Limousine & Chauffeured Transportation, with its prestigious "Limousine Operator of the Year Award."

Founding Gem Limousine when Barbara did, business as we know it was a different world without the tools today's society takes for granted. Computers were absent from business, and maps were used every single day. During this time, Barbara was not warmly welcomed as a business leader being a woman but is now considered an icon in the transportation industry. Barbara established Gem out of the comfort of her own home with two limousines. She named Gem Limousine by simply opening a dictionary, closing her eyes and pointing at the page aimlessly.

Since then, her daughter Deanna Gulino (CEO), Deanna's husband Joe Gulino (President) and their children have entered the industry. Focusing on Global business, Joe has helped grow this portion of business substantially. Now, Gem Limousine Worldwide is a Global entity and a Global Network; Servicing Fortune 100 & 500 companies chauffeured transportation in every major city around the globe.

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