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The Mini-Coach of 2020

Grech Motors EG40 - 39 Passenger Luxury Mini Coach

Gem Limousine has added several, new, large capacity vehicles to our growing fleet in October 2019. Just yesterday, we took delivery of our 2020 Grech Motors EG40 and are extremely excited to offer this vehicle as an option for our clients. With a capacity of 39 Passengers, we are confident everyone on-board will smile from ear to ear while feeling like a true VIP from pickup to dropoff.

What separates this luxury mini-bus from the rest?

Lets start with its sheer beauty! However, we can say every bus manufactured by Grech Motors is a true head-turner.

The real difference is the functionality!

In the past, mini-bus options available within the transportation industry lacked storage space tremendously in regards to their passenger capacity. This limitation left our clients with no other option unless we upgraded and/or utilized a motor-coach which isn't always the most economical solution; it's safe to say, this mini-coach actually has more storage than a full-size coach bus! 

The outside is gorgeous, but what's the bus like on the inside?

Let’s start with the interior LED lights that can be adjusted with 360 degree color options; the color combinations can transform this bus from a "corporate event show-stopper" to an entertainment style "Party on Wheels." Each seating row has both USB chargers & 110v power plugs for on-the-go charging needs. Overhead, is a storage rack for smaller carry-on luggage needs along with reading lights & LCD monitors for playing DVD's that are convienient on longer hauls. The seats are leather, reclinable and have foldable armrests - comfort is by far not an obstacle. Last but not least, this mini-bus also features an on-board bathroom; with a capacity up to 39 passengers this can be the difference between being on time and stopping regularly at rest stops along the way.