• Joe Gulino Jr.

Gem Limo Celebrates 45 Years in Business!


August 1st, 1976, Gem Limousine was founded out of a family household by Barbara Chirico during a time when woman-owned businesses were not only rare but practically unheard of. Starting with the purchase of a few stretch limo's as a trendy, celebratory and status symbol filled service-offering and eventually shifting to a modern day legacy after one late, unforgettable night at a local diner.

In short, one of Gem's chauffeurs overheard an executive assistant who was employed at a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company sobbing because their limo left their CEO stranded. At this point of time, Gem took a shift into the corporate transportation sector and Barbara attended the most important meeting to date. Till this day, Gem still works with the same Pharma company, a lasting partnership of over 40 years.

The years went on, and the business grew to new heights; her daughter Deanna (the CEO) and her husband Joe (the President) have joined their mother in their venture within the travel industry. From there, Gem began to service clients on a national & global scope as a one-stop-shop for ground transportation in Corporate America.

Through Gem's 45 years in business, just like any other growing company, came countless struggles and hurdles as you can assume. Experiencing 360 degree changes in technology innovation, enduring America's pain & the absence of travel during September 11th and today with over a year of breaking the company down just to rebuild as business travel ramps back up post Covid-19.

Today, Barbara, Deanna and Joe work alongside of the 3rd generation of family who have taken an active role in the company & its success. If you were to ask each of them the main contributor to Gem's 45 years of success, they would give gratitude to the people who make up their business.

Gem's executive team would like to show appreciation for our clients that stood with us through thick and thin, our global partners who represent our company and branding globally, the vendors that provided us with the tools and the resources that are needed to fulfill our daily tasks and most of all, our employees who are dedicated to our company and the travel industry at large.

We believe the future will hold the best years to come for the travel industry, our team looks forward to remaining at the pinnacle of the ground transportation industry and will work endlessly to continue our legacy for years to come.

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