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Gem Limo Celebrates 45 Years in Business!


August 1st, 1976, Gem Limousine was founded out of a family household by Barbara Chirico during a time when woman-owned businesses were not only rare but practically unheard of. Starting with the purchase of a few stretch limo's as a trendy, celebratory and status symbol filled service-offering and eventually shifting to a modern day legacy after one late, unforgettable night at a local diner.

In short, one of Gem's chauffeurs overheard an executive assistant who was employed at a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company sobbing because their limo left their CEO stranded. At this point of time, Gem took a shift into the corporate transportation sector and Barbara attended the most important meeting to date. Till this day, Gem still works with the same Pharma company, a lasting partnership of over 40 years.

The years went on, and the business grew to new heights; her daughter Deanna (the CEO) and her husband Joe (the President) have joined their mother in their venture within the travel