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Best Business Travel Tips & Tricks


Business Travel can be stressful and can interfere with your personal life and well being. Like many business skills, planning and learning the tips and tricks can help to make your travel enjoyable, efficient and bypass the many pitfalls. As travel professionals, we have gathered together a list of useful information that will help you in the near future.

Stick with your priorities - When people travel to another city they may do random things which compromises their plans and time management. Stick to your priorities and do what you are familiar with. You can try something new, but not at the expense of your priorities, if it is a waste of time.

Eat really well, stay fit and exercise - Generally someone else will be paying for your own food, so eat a controlled amount of good quality, healthy food. Many people eat very poor quality food and tend to overeat when they travel because they are often tired and choose the fast food options. Good food and plenty of rest and some exercise is a great remedy for threatening stress.

Maintain life and work balance over multiple time frames - Avoid regrets and conflicts with your family and friends. This means not missing important occasions and sharing times during the day. It also means maintaining the balance in the longer term - planning to take days off to spend with the family. If you show you are good at your job, and you have to travel a lot most bosses will understand that you need to have planned days off built into your schedule.

Ensure You Get Elite Status - You absolutely need the extra benefits of an elite status and you need to convince your boss or company that this is a necessity. Elite status flyers recieve benefits such as private reservations phone number, get access to dedicated check-in, get priority upgrades into first class, and many more. This helps you to be better at your job and maintain schedules and avoid unnecessary confusion and stress. You get better service and are able to relax more when you fly business class.

Avoid unplanned meetings with little or no justification - Each time you travel on a business trip someone from your town or State will want to meet you simply for geographical reasons. You probably have other priorities. Avoid being distracted from your prime reason for travelling and focus on the the important people you need to meet.

Respect your Entire Life, Don't Postpone It - Don't put your life on hold while you travel. Make the travel part of your life but not as an all-consuming replacement for the things and people you cherish. Integrate your values into your trip by being sensitive, responsive, spiritual, funny, loving and healthy. This is not vacation travel. Don't make it a vacation from your life.

Consider Teleconference Meetings as an alternative to travel and personal meetings - Teleconference systems are getting better all the time and may be just as effective as a personal trip.

Know the Worst and Best Days to Fly - With a bit of planning you can avoid the delays and hassles of jammed Airports, transportation availibility and other problems with busy days.

Avoiding the Long-Haul Blues - Do some research to find out which aircraft has the most legroom and sleeping set-up, in-seat power-port locations, other accessories and maximum recline of seats. These things can be very important on a long trip.

Find a Way to Staying Wired on the Plane if that is Important - For prolonged use of your computer on a flight you need to be able to plug in to recharge your battery. Remember to carry a single-design plug-in adaptor and other devices.

Avoid the High Cost of Cellphone Use on Planes - Using cellphones abroad and on planes can be ridiculously expensive do some research and join one of the World Class international roaming services before departing. If the carrier is a problem, it may be worth considering rent cellphones or purchasing international phones abroad.

Join the Hotel's Members' Club - Most hotels and resorts have various types of membership clubs. This means you can get bonus points every time you stay, other perks like quick check-in, free Internet access or free local calls and many other benefits. The more you stay with that particular hotel, the better the benefits.

Book a Room on the Executive Floor - Booking a somewhat more expensive room on the "Club" or "Executive" level can save you money in the long run and they offer many advantages. These floors often boast a private concierge, priority check-in, free access to spas or gyms, free local calls, late check-outs, free airport transfers and a range of free food and other benefits which may more than offset the extra up-front cost.

Download the Gem Limousine Worldwide app - For easy booking, download the Gem Limousine Worldwide smartphone application. The app enables Gem passengers to access corporate rates and plan ahead for future travels. Understanding foreign travel in other countries is not your job, but getting to your destination is! Click iPhone or Android for a quick link to our smartphone application for easy booking.

There are Many Advantages of Traveling Light - Traveling light is the secrets to having enjoyable, productive, stress-free travel experiences, and avoiding delays booking-in and waiting to pick up luggage. Some of the advantages are:

  • It helps maintain your serenity - It takes less time to pack and unpack and you don't have to deal with all those bags. The one-bag traveler copes much better and has more time for other things

  • It is more secure - You are always in charge of your own single bag rather than trusting luggage to others who may interfere with it.

  • It saves money

  • It is more flexible - Less stuff means greater flexibility, both with your luggage and for last minute flight changes, which gives you more travel options.

  • Most people would not travel without their laptop computer and iPad, but do you really need them?

  • Pack Well in Advance - Try to pack the day before your flight is scheduled. This will help you prepare and often helps you think of something you may have forgotten or even leave something out.

Keep Vital Items in a small carry bag you can slip under your seat in the plane. Airlines allow you carry one small piece of personal luggage. Keep your cell phone, its charger and laptop/ iPad with you at all times, just in case there's a change in your flight schedule or you need to make last minute changes to your business materials and information.

Thankyou for choosing Gem Limousine Worldwide! "Life is Short, Enjoy the Ride."

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