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Mobile App & Online Self-Serve Portal 

Gem Worldwide's Online Booking Portal and Mobile App serve as your go-to dashboard for managing your transportation needs, providing a range of convenient tools. If you have used Gem's services before, connecting to your existing profile is extremely easy. If you're a new guest, create a new profile today.

New Corporate Passengers:
Create a profile on our web portal using your company email address

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Although Gem Worldwide's web portal offers a more robust interface than our app option, using both tools in tandem can yield tremendous benefits.

New Passenger Profiles: 

Are you new to Gem's services? We're excited to have the opportunity to serve you. Create a new profile by clicking the link below.

Existing Clients: 

It's high time you took advantage of our self-serve booking tools. Simply select "Forgot Password" on the customer login page.

Personal Web Portal
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  • Edit Profile Information
  • 3 Step Booking Process
  • Real Time Status Updates
  • Access Receipts
  • Track your chauffeur


New Reservations:

Conveniently reserve your transportation services on-the-go

View Active Reservations

View any pending trips that are associated with your passenger profile

Look Up Past Trips

Past trips & their receipts are easily accessible. Access & email the files.

Gem Limo Mobile App.png

Quote Your Trip

Plan your travel and understand your expenses prior to booking.

Locate Your Chauffeur

Tracking your driver up to 30 minutes prior to the scheduled pickup time

Access Settings & Stored Information

Update your contact information, addresses and credit-card on file.


Connect to your existing profile or create a new profile, right from the Gem Worldwide Mobile App.


Experience professional transportation like its 2023

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Mobile app Personal
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