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Forward faced van with overhead storage, premium seating and audio/video equipment. This vehicle is brand new to our fleet and can accomodate parties of 14 comfortably. It features a separate luggage compartment accessible in the rear and also has overhead storage racks for on-the-go necessities. Each row has USB chargers so that mobile devices remain charged and ready for your next adventure.


  • Black Exterior Paint
  • Black leather seating
  • Unbelievably smooth suspension
  • Tinted rear windows.
  • Large Trunk with shelving for luggage storage


Price Inquiries and Creating New Reservations:



Mercedes Sprinter Van - Executive Interior (14 Passenger) - Transportarion

  • Passengers: 14

    Luggage: 6 Large Suitcases & 17 Small Carry-Ons

  • No charge until 48 hours prior to your schedueled pickup time.

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