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Re-Inventing Event Transportation

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Gem has provided top level, professional, chauffeured services both globally and locally in the NJ, PA & NY areas for over 43 years. Consistently our team works on improving our event offerings with additions to technology, processes and fleet investments.

Technology Improvements:

All of Gem's vehicles are now equipped with tracking systems that integrate directly with our internal reservation software. This gives real-time visibility to our dispatch team and clients of where chauffeurs and/or passengers are located before and during a scheduled pick up. Up to date data is also fed into our software showing GPS time to pick-up & drop-off locations.

Automated Alerts to Clients Based on Real Time GPS Geofencing

With Gem's tracking system now integrating with our internal reservation software, our status alert emails and/or text messages are now automatically triggered by Geofencing technology. Alerts can be emailed and/or texted to both the passenger and contact/liaison for full visibility of trip information. Alerts are completely customizable and include alerts like "Driver On Location," "Passenger On Board," "At Pick-up Location" and "10 minutes away from drop off."

Automated text-alerts from Gem's Headquarders

MeetingPad App for Event Visibility

Meeting planners/liaisons can download Gem's free MeetingPad app and have full visibility of reservation status’s, vehicle locations, driver’s information and estimated ETA’s while the event takes place.

Recovery Improvements

Gem Limousine Worldwide does everything within our power to ensure the highest level of service is met during each event. All vehicles are turned over within 2 years of service and our in-house mechanic and operations team keep a tight schedule on vehicle maintenance. However, we understand uncontrollable events can sometimes occur, which is why Gem is consistently updating our contingency plan to ensure the strongest recovery possible.

Flat Tire/Breakdown or Accident Recovery Plans

Having one of the largest sedan/SUV fleets in the Tri-State area allows Gem to recover quickly should a car not be able to continue before or during a trip. Our integrated vehicle tracking allows the dispatch team to quickly identify the closest available vehicle and ETA to that location ensuring little downtime to continue the trip. The dispatch team can provide accurate recovery times to passengers, liaisons and management utilizing this information.

Stand by Options Now Offered

Stand by vehicles are offered as an option, for an additional cost, should the client want to take further steps to ensure a smooth transition during an uncontrollable event or to help with last minute requests that were not originally set up.

New Event Oriented Fleet Additions:

The Grech EG40 - Not quite the size of a full size coach, this 37 passenger vehicle has an on-board lavatory, reclinable leather seating, overhead storage, under-belly storage and an audio-video entertainment system.

56 Passenger Van-Hool Motor Coach (ADA Compliant):

Gem Limousine Worldwide's Van-Hool is brand new, seating 56 passengers with premium seating, an on-board lavatory, over-head storage, under-belly storage, audio & video entertainment system, USB & Standard outlets and a wheel-chair lift. The handicap accessible coach-lift can fit up to two passengers who utilize wheelchairs.

For event inquiries: Simply navigate to our Event Quote Form or send an email to Gem's Group & Events Department:

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