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Re-Inventing Event Transportation

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Gem has provided top level, professional, chauffeured services both globally and locally in the NJ, PA & NY areas for over 43 years. Consistently our team works on improving our event offerings with additions to technology, processes and fleet investments.

Technology Improvements:

All of Gem's vehicles are now equipped with tracking systems that integrate directly with our internal reservation software. This gives real-time visibility to our dispatch team and clients of where chauffeurs and/or passengers are located before and during a scheduled pick up. Up to date data is also fed into our software showing GPS time to pick-up & drop-off locations.

Automated Alerts to Clients Based on Real Time GPS Geofencing

With Gem's tracking system now integrating with our internal reservation software, our status alert emails and/or text messages are now automatically triggered by Geofencing technology. Alerts can be emailed and/or texted to both the passenger and contact/liaison for full visibility of trip information. Alerts are completely customizable and include alerts like "Driver On Location," "Passenger On Board," "At Pick-up Location" and "10 minutes away from drop off."

Automated text-alerts from Gem's Headquarders

MeetingPad App for Event Visibility