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Gem Limousine Worldwide - Gretch Mini-Bus Review


Gem Limousine Worldwide's clients love Gretch Motors Mini-buses & coaches - Prior to sending the Gretch bus to pick up a corporate group, the Gem Team is confident our clients will appreciate our piece of equipment and feel as though they will be receiving a quality product and service. The interior is lush, with crisscross leather-stitched reclinable seating and ambient lighting running down the center-isle. Depending on a trip distance during a Gem Group & Event, the chauffeur is knowledgeable of the equipment and protocol of handling our guests and their accommodations.

Looking for a mini-bus to take a long distance trip? The Gretch mini-bus offers overhead storage, power outlets, LCD TV Screens and a built in DVD player with premium sound entertainment; comparable to an, "All first-class 747 Jet on wheels!" The Gretch mini-bus rides smooth as silk with air-suspension and dual rear wheels for stability and bump-absorbtion. Additionally, there's a separate luggage compartment for large baggage and even the option to add additional staffing for luggage handling and greeters in our larger events. Gem Limousine Worldwide has been handling groups of over 10,000 annually and has been in business for 40 years, we have perfected group travel & ground-transportation art. Gem Limousine is a supporter of Gretch-Motors and their Quality; rating this vehicle a 5 out of 5 stars!

For the other Transportation companies looking for a new mini-bus to add to their fleet, look no further! Gretch Motors

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