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Connecting to a Corporate Account

Online Portal / Mobile App

Gem Limousine's Online Booking Portal & Mobile App is your go-to dashboard for managing transportation services globally. Gem offers a selection of tools that can be used at your own convenience.

If you have used Gem's services before, connecting to your existing profile is extremely easy. If you're a new guest of ours, create a new profile today!

What are you interested in using?

Although Gem Limousine's web portal is a more robust interface than our app option, both tools when used together can be extremely powerful.

New Passenger Profiles: 

Are you new to Gem's services? We are excited to have the opportunity to serve you. Create a new profile online with use of your business email address by clicking the link below. Your email domain will trigger your new profile to connect to the discounted pricing.

Existing Clients: 

It's about time you took advantage of our self-serve booking tools. Select "Forgot Password" on the customer login page. Use the same email address where you received Gem's Confirmations & Receipts.


Mobile App Features


Connect to your existing profile or create a new profile, right from the Gem Limousine Worldwide Mobile App. Once downloaded, register as a "New User."


Experience professional transportation like its 2020

Gem Limousine IOS Global Transportation Application
Gem Limousine Worldwide Android Global Transportation Application
70 Amboy Avenue,
Woodbridge, New Jersey
Toll Free:       800.223.1161
Local/ Int'l:    732.596.0900
Fax:               732.596.0800
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Limousine Association of New Jersey Transportation Service
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